Prevalence and Correlates OF HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing: An Analysis of University of Lagos Students, Nigeria

Chinyere C. P. Nnorom, University of Lagos

Young people are at the centre of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. There are increasing efforts to interest young people in utilizing VCT services. However, few programmes are currently providing counselling and testing services that target the needs of young people. The Fear of confidentiality by health care providers prevent young people from seeking adequate services. The study seeks to identify VCT knowledge levels of UNILAG students, explore their attitudes towards VCT; identify perceived barriers and benefits of VCT; identify students’ practices regarding VCT and assess the acceptability of VCT services at the institution. To do this 1,200 students from four faculties were interviewed and the preliminary result show that despite having adequate knowledge of HIV/AIDS, most students would not subscribe to VCT. Reasons range from fear of outcome, stigmatization and possible rejection by peers. Knowing their HIV status would not help their case as it would have been too late.

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Presented in Poster Session 4