Topics and Sessions

1. Fertility, Family Planning, Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Health31
3. Fertility Preferences, Outcomes and Trends in Africa 6. Sexuality and STIs 17. Low Fertility 22. Fertility Timing and Transitions 28. Biodemography of Human Fertility and Reproduction 31. Contraceptive Use in Asia 33. Methodological Challenges in Studies of Couples and Families 40. Fertility, Contraception and Reproductive Health in Latin America 48. Abortion Prevalence, Measurement and Programs 53. Interface between HIV and Family Planning Programs and Services in Africa 57. Contextual Influences on Fertility 66. Strategies for Achieving Reproductive Goals 69. Religion, Sexuality and Fertility 75. International Perspectives on Fertility 79. Biosocial Investigations of Fertility, Sexuality and Reproductive Health 91. Family Planning, Fertility and Reproductive Health in Asia 97. Mobility Decisions and Fertility Decisions 108. Unintended Pregnancies 112. Contraception 116. Environmental Exposures, Social Context and Reproductive Health 127. Social Demographic Aspects of Fertility in the Western World 131. Comparative Perspectives on Sexuality, Family Planning and Fertility 144. Abortion Decision-Making and Experience 145. Family Planning Programs and Contraceptive Use in Africa 154. Cross-National Patterns of Fertility 159. Multiple Country Perspectives on Reproductive Health 163. Social Demographic Aspects of Fertility in the Developing World 165. Explaining Fertility Patterns in International Contexts 179. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Sub-Saharan Africa 183. Contraceptive Use Dynamics 187. The Role of Family Planning Programs in the Continuing Fertility Decline in Asia
2. Marriage, Family, Households and Unions20 3. Children and Youth20 4. Health and Mortality28 5. Race, Ethnicity and Gender18 6. Migration and Urbanization17 7. Economy, Labor Force, Education and Inequality13 8. Population, Development and Environment10 9. Population and Aging10 10. Data and Methods9 11. Applied Demography4 12. Other Topics12 14. Poster Sessions7