Thursday, April 30 / 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM   •   Ontario Exhibit Hall

Poster Session 1

  1. Sibling Composition and School Enrollment in GhanaKehinde F. Ajayi, University of California, Berkeley

  2. Adjusting Poverty Thresholds Based on Differences in Housing Cost: Application of American Community SurveyAlemayehu Bishaw, U.S. Census Bureau

  3. Newfound Racial Parity in Choice and Completion of Science, Math and Engineering MajorsJill Bowdon, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  4. On the Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Mortality in the Presence of Interval Censored Status ChangeGöran Broström, Umea University ; Joakim Malmdin, Umea University

  5. The Employment and Distributional Effects of Minimum Wage Increases: A Case Study of the State of New YorkRichard V. Burkhauser, Cornell University

  6. Analysing Fertility Trends through Schmertmann's Model: Italy and Sweden ComparedAlessandra Carioli, Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics

  7. Aging and Health for Racial Minorities: An Analysis of the Double Jeopardy Hypothesis Using the California Health Interview SurveyDaisy C. Carreon, University of California, Irvine ; Andrew Noymer, University of California, Irvine

  8. Exploring the Relationship between Education Attainment, Cigarette Smoking Patterns and Lung Cancer MortalityJuanita Chinn, University of Texas at Austin

  9. Gender Differences in the Role of Education on Engagement in HIV-Related Sexual Behavior in 10 Sub-Saharan African CountriesJohn M. Collins, Pennsylvania State University ; Juan Leon, Pennsylvania State University ; David Baker, Pennsylvania State University

  10. Current Population Survey: August 2008 Migration SupplementG. Patricia de la Cruz, U.S. Census Bureau ; Cassandra A. Logan, U.S. Census Bureau

  11. AIDS Exceptionalism: The View from BelowKim Dionne, University of California, Los Angeles ; Susan Watkins, University of California, Los Angeles

  12. The Double Burden of Malnutrition in Egyptian ChildrenNaa Dodua Dodoo, Regional Institute for Population Studies, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra

  13. Interrelated Decisions: The Impact of the Timing of Life Course Events on Rates of Transitions from Cohabitation to MarriageRenee Ellis, University of California, Irvine

  14. Rapid Fertility Decline and the Changing Timing of Births in IranAmir Erfani, Nipissing University ; Kevin McQuillan, University of Calgary

  15. Synergistic Relationship between Child Malnutrition and Morbidity among the Urban PoorHildah M. Essendi, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) ; John G. Cleland, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) ; Martin K. Mutua, African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)

  16. Errors in Self-Knowledge and the Transition to AdulthoodToni Falbo, University of Texas at Austin ; Lisa M. Yarnell, University of Texas at Austin

  17. Ethnic Differentials in Childhood Mortality in NigeriaOlufunke Fayehun, University of Ibadan, Nigeria ; Obafemi Omololu, University of Ibadan

  18. Divergent Paths: A Life Course Analysis of Marriage and Socioeconomic Status Using the National Longitudinal Survey of YouthMargaret Frye, University of California, Berkeley

  19. Does a Family History of Chronic Disease Provide an Incentive to be Healthy?Godfrey A. Gibbison, Georgia Southern University

  20. Record Linkage at the Minnesota Population Center: New Estimates of Migration Rates, 1850-1930Ron Goeken, University of Minnesota ; Lap Huynh, University of Minnesota ; Thomas Lenius, University of Minnesota ; Rebecca Vick, University of Minnesota

  21. Economic Importance of Health in the Russian FederationYevgeniy Goryakin, University of California, Berkeley

  22. Measurement Errors in Models of the Racial and Ethnic Test Scores GapsHongyun Han, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  23. Time Trends and Class Differences in Childless PartneringCaroline Sten Hartnett, University of Pennsylvania

  24. Modeling the Effects of Including Inmates on Disparities in U.S. National Obesity PrevalenceBrian Houle, University of Washington

  25. Prenatal WIC and Birth Outcomes: The Role of Pregnancy Intention and Timing of ParticipationAlison Jacknowitz, American University ; Tracy Salmons, American University ; Laura Tiehen, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  26. Does Maternal Health Really Matter? A Study of Indian Menopausal WomenSaurabh Jaiprakash, Rohan Dyes and Intermediates, Ahemedabad ; Dipti Govil, Indian Institute of Management (IIM)

  27. A Tale of Two Diseases: Trends in Heart Disease and Cancer Death Rates, 1980-2010Nathan R. Jones, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  28. Social Relationships and Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome: Analyses from the English Longitudinal Study of AgeingYumiko Kamiya, Trinity College Dublin

  29. Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Adolescents' Sexual Behaviour in Secondary Schools in Morogoro Municipality in TanzaniaWambuka Rangi, Openuniversity of Tanzania

  30. Fiery Wives and Icy Husbands: Childhood Abuse and Subsequent Maladaptive Marital Communication PatternsKristy Krivickas, Bowling Green State University ; Laura A. Sanchez, Bowling Green State University ; Catherine T. Kenney, Bowling Green State University

  31. Health-Related Endophenotypes of Longevity in Danish Twins: Family Information and Markers of AgingAlexander Kulminski, Duke University ; Kaare Christensen, University of Southern Denmark

  32. The Interaction of the Strategic Bequest Motive between Husband's Parents and Wife's ParentsWataru Kureishi, Ritsumeikan University ; Midori Wakabayashi, Osaka Prefecture University

  33. Muslim Families in Northwest ChinaQing Lai, University of Michigan ; Zheng Mu, University of Michigan

  34. Education Transitions in Egypt: The Effects of Gender and WealthRay Langsten, American University in Cairo ; Tahra Hassan, American University in Cairo

  35. Mobility Disparity between Race/Ethnic Groups: Onward and Return MigrationsSang Lim Lee, Utah State University

  36. Migration, Skill Training and Non-Farm Employment Opportunities in Migrant-Sending Communities: Evidence from China Rural Household SurveyZai Liang, University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY) ; Miao David Chunyu, University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY) ; Zhongdong Ma, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  37. Occupational Stressors and Hypertension Risk during The Retirement Transition: Exploring Variation by Cohort and RaceBriana Mezuk, University of Michigan ; Kyuang Lim, University of Michigan ; Jane Rafferty, University of Michigan ; Sha Juan Colbert, University of Michigan ; Kiarri Kershaw, University of Michigan ; Darrell L. Hudson, University of Michigan

  38. Perceived Social Support and Inflammatory Markers over the Life Course: Evaluating the Buffering vs. Direct Effects Hypotheses of Social Support Using the Multi-Ethnic Study of AtherosclerosisBriana Mezuk, University of Michigan ; Ana Diez Roux, University of Michigan ; Teresa E. Seeman, University of California, Los Angeles ; Mary Cushman, University of Vermont

  39. Cause-of-Death Contribution to the Female-Male Gap in Life Expectancy in the United StatesMagdalena Muszynska, Duke University ; Roland Rau, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  40. Sexual Behavior in Rural Malawi: Preliminary Results from DiariesSayeh Nikpay, University of Michigan

  41. Trend Reversal in Marriage in SwedenSofi Ohlsson, Stockholm University

  42. Estimates of Intergenerational Language Shift: Surveys, Measures and DomainsJennifer M. Ortman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  43. Female Empowerment and School Achievement: A Closer Look at Women’s Bargaining Power, Household Expenditure and Educational PerformanceCarla Pederzini, Universidad Iberoamericana ; Ariadna Vargas, Universidad Iberoamericana

  44. Financial Support among Poor Pregnant Women in Bangladesh: An Operations Research FindingMoshiur Rahman, Population Council ; Ubaidur Rob, Population Council ; Tasnima Kibria, Population Council

  45. Long-Term Economic Consequences of Vaccines in Matlab, BangladeshAbdur Razzaque, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research ; Damian Walker, Johns Hopkins University ; Peter Kim Streatfield, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research ; Mohammad Yunus, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research ; Julia Driessen, Johns Hopkins University ; Enamul Haque, ICDDR,B: Centre for Health and Population Research

  46. Fertility Desires and Expectations: Stability and Change over the Life CourseAnna Reimondos, Australian National University ; Edith E. Gray, Australian National University ; Ann Evans, Australian National University

  47. Father Involvement, Relationship Quality and Transitions out of Cohabitation through Marriage or SeparationLauren Rinelli, Bowling Green State University

  48. Best Friends Forever?: Race and the Stability of Adolescent FriendshipsJesse Rude, University of California, Davis ; Daniel Herda, University of California, Davis

  49. International Migration and Human Development: A Cross-National Analysis of Less-Developed Countries, 1970-2005Matthew R. Sanderson, Lehigh University

  50. Current Characteristics of Living Arrangements Following Bereavement in EuropeJeroen J.A. Spijker, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  51. Sequence Analysis and Micro-Macro Demographic ConnectionsWebb Sprague, University of California, Berkeley

  52. Labeling Death: The Link between Race, Hypertension Prevalence and Hypertension Related DeathQuincy Stewart, Indiana University ; Carla Keirns, University of Michigan

  53. Cost Effectiveness of Contraceptives in the United StatesJames Trussell, Princeton University ; Anjana Lalla, Cerner Corporation ; Quan Doan, Cerner Corporation ; Eileen Reyes, Cerner Corporation ; Lionel Pinto, Cerner Corporation ; Joseph Gricar, Independent Consultant

  54. Trends in Brother Correlations in Class and Incomes in Finland: A Comparison of Cohorts Born in 1932-62Jani Erola, Turku School of Economics ; Juho Harkonen, Yale University ; Markus Jantti, Åbo Akademi University

  55. Age at First Marriage in Vietnam: Trends and DeterminantsLung Vu, Tulane University

  56. Exploring Concurrent Sexual Partnerships: New Definitions and Estimates from a Study of Youth in Urban KenyaHongwei Xu, Brown University

  57. Measuring Progress in Population Health: Evaluating Trends in Recovery Rates from the NLTCS/Medicare DataAnatoliy I. Yashin, Duke University ; Igor Akushevich, Duke University ; Lucy Akushevich, Duke University

  58. Dads Who Do Diapers: Factors that Impact Care of Young Children by FathersAkiko Yoshida, University of Oklahoma

  59. Women’s Status, Family Decision-Making and Childbearing in Jiangsu, ChinaZhenzhen Zheng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences