Friday, May 1 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Ambassador Ballroom 1

Session 73:
Transition to Adulthood

Chair: Holly Heard, Rice University
Discussant: Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, New York University and National University of Singapore

  1. Vulnerable Youth and the the Transition to AdulthoodMichael Pergamit, Urban Institute ; Tracy Vericker, Urban Institute ; Daniel Kuehn, Urban Institute ; Jennifer Macomber, Urban Institute

  2. Socioeconomic (Dis)advantage, Contextual Risk and Educational Outcomes in Early AdulthoodLaryssa Mykyta, University of Pennsylvania

  3. Multiple Caregiver Transitions and Early Union FormationJennifer Buher Kane, Pennsylvania State University ; Alan Booth, Pennsylvania State University

  4. Adolescent Marriage and Cohabitation Expectations: A Focus on Participants in Relationship Education ProgramsDeanna Trella, Bowling Green State University

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