Thursday, April 30 / 3:30 PM - 5:20 PM   •   LaSalle

Session 63:
The Dynamics of Social and Economic Well-Being

Chair: Deborah Levison, University of Minnesota
Discussant: Lowell Taylor, Carnegie Mellon University

  1. Implications for Public Policies from Changes in Age-Education CompositionErnesto F. Amaral, João Pinheiro Foundation (FJP), Brazil

  2. Demographic Transition and Rapid Economic Growth: The Case of TaiwanMiguel Sanchez Romero, University of California, Berkeley

  3. You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Inequality in Subjective Labor Market Success at Mid-LifeJonathan Daw, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Jessica H. Hardie, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  4. Panel Conditioning Effects in Longitudinal Social Science Surveys: Implications for Measuring Social and Economic Well-BeingJohn R. Warren, University of Minnesota ; Andrew Halpern-Manners, University of Minnesota

Other sessions on Economy, Labor Force, Education and Inequality