Thursday, April 30 / 1:30 PM - 3:20 PM   •   Cadillac B

Session 47:
Gender, Labor Force and Earnings

Chair: Tara Wildhagen, U.S. Census Bureau
Discussant: Joan M. Hermsen, University of Missouri at Columbia

  1. Immigration Selection and the Gender Wage Gap of Immigrants in the U.S.Fernando Lozano, Pomona College ; Mary Lopez, Occidental College

  2. When Equality Is Not Enough: An Examination of Changes in Relative Earnings over the Duration of MarriageTara L. Becker, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  3. Modeling the Effect of Children on Women’s Wage Distribution: A Quantile ApproachMelissa Hodges, University of Massachusetts ; Michelle J. Budig, University of Massachusetts

  4. Is Breastfeeding Truly Free? The Economic Consequences of Breastfeeding for WomenPhyllis L. F. Rippeyoung, Acadia University ; Mary C. Noonan, University of Iowa

Other sessions on Race, Ethnicity and Gender