Saturday, May 2 / 12:30 PM - 2:20 PM   •   Nicolet A

Session 185:
Household and Individual Behavior in Developing Countries: New Questions and Sources of Data

Chair: Jane Menken, University of Colorado at Boulder
Discussant: Graciela M. Teruel, Universidad Iberoamericana
Discussant: Douglas McKee, University of Pennsylvania

  1. The Decision to Invest in Child Quality over Quantity: Declining Fertility and Rising Investment in Private Tutoring in VietnamHai-Anh H. Dang, World Bank Group ; Halsey F. Rogers, World Bank Group

  2. Transfers in Response to a Massive Shock: Interactions between Family and Public SupportJed Friedman, World Bank Group ; Nick Ingwersen, University of California, Los Angeles ; Bondan Sikoki, SurveyMETER ; Duncan Thomas, Duke University

  3. Counting Cinderellas: Numbers and Trends of Child Domestic ServantsDeborah Levison, University of Minnesota ; Anna Langer, University of Minnesota

  4. Home-Leaving and Migration in Indonesia: Evidence from Four Waves of the Indonesia Family Life Survey, 1993-2007Firman Witoelar, SurveyMETER

Other sessions on Population, Development and Environment