Saturday, May 2 / 12:30 PM - 2:20 PM   •   Marquette A

Session 180:
Child Care and Work-Family Reconciliation

Chair: Martin O'Connell, U.S. Census Bureau
Discussant: Michelle J. Budig, University of Massachusetts

  1. Childcare-Provision, Family Ideology and Fertility in SwedenSandra Krapf, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

  2. The Effect of Child Care Centre Openings on Child Care Arrangements and Maternal Labour SupplyChikako Yamauchi, Australian National University

  3. What Is Behind the Delayed Marriage in Japan?: Do Women Postpone Marriage because They Are Traditional or because They Are Egalitarian?Sayaka Kawamura, Bowling Green State University

  4. Because Care Matters: Care Capital and the Work/Family "Dilemma"Dennis Hogan, Brown University ; Mary Daly, Queen's University Belfast ; Lisbeth Trille G. Loft, Brown University

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