Ethnic Differential in Health and Mortality among Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia Migrants in Thailand

Nucharee Srivirojana, Mahidol University
Sureeporn Punpuing, Mahidol University

Undocumented migrants from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia residing in Thailand are marginalized. Working in 3D jobs, living in unhygienic and poor sanitary condition, lack of knowledge, limit access to health services and mobility condition intensify migrant’s vulnerability to health problems and mortality. This study, therefore, intends to find out health and mortality differential among Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia migrants by comparing with Thai population. Data from annual epidemiological reports from Ministry of Public Health in 1998 to 2006 and vital registration statistic from Ministry of Interior in 2004-2008 were employed. Multinomial logistic regression and mcross were applied to find out factors influencing different cause of death among these migrants. The result shows that Cambodia and Laos migrants are less likely to die due to infectious diseases, and accident when compare with Myanmar migrants. Non infectious disease and accident are the major causes of death among these immigrants in Thailand.

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Presented in Poster Session 7