A Socio-Demographic Comparison of the Peruvian Diaspora in Four Selected Destinations

Martin Moreno, Pennsylvania State University

In this paper I intend to cover the gap on the knowledge about the Peruvian diaspora. I will provide an answer to the question on how different is the demographic composition of the Peruvian migrants stocks in four selected countries of destination (United States, Spain, Chile and Argentina). To accomplish that goal, I will build a demographic profile to compare each subsample and then against non-migrants still residing in Peru. The profile will include age/sex composition for individuals in each country, ratios of women by age group, proportion of men and women; marital status and proportions of married individuals; differences in proportions married by age group and comparisons against other immigrant groups; age of arrival, proportion of arrivals within a specific period, educational achievement, occupational status, household and familial arrangements, and spatial distribution. When the data allow, the results will be presented by migrant generation.

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Presented in Poster Session 3