Violence and Sexual Behaviors of Trafficked Women in Mexico

Arunkumar Acharya, Universidad Autónoma de Nuveo Leon

Violence against women is an integral part of socio-economic fabric in Mexico. This causes intolerable physical, mental health consequences for women, which I have explored in this research. Sixty trafficked women currently working as sex workers are interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire and 28 in-depth interviews conducted in Monterrey and Mexico City. Result indicates that trafficked women are basically young, little educated and unmarried. They are working in bars, hotels and living with pimp. In a week prior to interview, 70% were beaten with objects, 100% were abused sexually and verbally, 28% were burned by lighting cigarettes and 36% were threatened with being killed. Unwanted pregnancy and forced abortion are frequent event; 65% aborted at least one time. Almost all women are infected by sexually transmitted diseases. Present research concluded that gender base violence has serious physical, mental health risks as well as social suffering among women.

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