Integrated Transformation Model to Prevent Exploitation of Oppressed Children in India

Hitesh Gupta, Vatsalya
Jaimala Gupta, Vatsalya

The paper elucidates the life experiences of 286 Street Children. The study reveals that the time-duration and severity of exploitation had a direct bearing on process of rehabilitation and the time they needed for settling down back to a healthy and disciplined life style. It was also evident that the girls responded much more quickly and positively to the rehabilitation measures. The preventive measures employed to protect children from abuse are still being recorded in terms of changes in the attitude , however the families all Street Children showed remarkable and almost irreversible positive changes in their child rearing practices. Forced labour and beating were reduced by 87% and school attendance increased by 40%. The Police personnel were very forthright in admitting that there was a tremendous change in their knowledge, attitude and practices towards children on the streets.

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Presented in Poster Session 7