Women's Work after War

Meredith A. Kleykamp, University of Kansas

In the more than 30 years following the all-volunteer force (AVF) the proportion of women serving in the military has increased from 1.8% just before the AVF to 16.5% in 2004. Yet the majority of women do not stay in the military for a 20+ year career; like men, most women only serve a few years before transitioning to the civilian workforce. Although there has been a continued rise in the number of female veterans, little research informs how female veterans of the AVF fare economically after leaving service or whether military service benefits minority women who serve in such disproportionate numbers. This paper investigates the civilian employment experiences of female veterans of the AVF by analyzing Census data to evaluate the employment experiences of female veterans. An audit study of civilian hiring practices provides additional insight into the experiences of women veterans transitioning from military to civilian work.

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Presented in Session 118: Military Service, Work and the Life Course