Demographic and Behavioral Factors Associated With Adolescent Pregnancy in Cameroon

Samuel Kelodjoue, Université de Dschang
Louise Moyo, Université de Dschang

Cameroon has one of the upper adolescent fertility rates in West and Central Africa. According to data collected in 2004 as part of the DHS, 22, 7% of adolescents (15-19-year-old) were mother of at least one child. 5, 7 % t of these women had not yet terminated their pregnancy. Adolescents who had ever been pregnant did not differ significantly from those who had not by demographic characteristics. Multiple logistic regression analysis identified seven factors associated with pregnancy: having had four or more sexual partners; not having used contraceptives at first intercourse; ever use of less-effective contraceptive methods; having used illicit drugs during the last 30 days; living apart from one's parents; recently experiencing stress; and perceiving a lack of future prospects.

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