Cross-National Comparisons of Internal Migration in Asia-Pacific Region

Salahudin S. Muhidin, University of Queensland
Martin Bell, University of Queensland

Cross-national comparisons of internal migration can contribute significantly to understanding of mobility, but are hampered by differences in measurement and definition. A study from Bell et al. (2002) examined the obstacles to such comparisons and proposed a battery of 15 migration indicators (i.e. intensity, distance, impacts and connectivity) which were tested using British and Australian data. This paper provides the foundation for wider comparisons by analyzing a comprehensive inventory of the internal migration data derived from censuses data in Asia-Pacific regions compiled by Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, Minnesota Population Centre and Regional Statistics offices. The paper reports key findings from the cross-national comparisons of internal migration in the countries under-studied, including Australia, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. The study also identifies commonalities and differences in practice between these regions.

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Presented in Session 125: Research Design and Methodological Issues in Migration Studies